Kartikay Shastri

Writer. Experimentalist. Reader.

The Night Out: 4 Friends, 6 Places, and 1 Long Night

The Night Out is winning hearts online. As a self-published Author Kartikay's novel has witnessed 20+ Five Star Reviews on Amazon and hundreds of copies sold.

"The Night Out" unfolds the tale of four friends uniting on a Saturday evening to break free from their monotonous routines and find solace. Little do they realize that the night has something unexpected in store for them. Unaware of what lies ahead, Rishi, Ashish, Ansh, and Karan set off on an unforeseen nocturnal adventure."

Grab your copy today and embark on a thrilling journey of a night out.

The book is very well written and is having the moments where you will be self reflecting your own life in a positive way. Kartikay has hit the ball out of the park in his debut as a writer and I am waiting to hear about his next work. Definately recommended!.”

- Aman Rahman

”I loved the book, eventually I thought I became the 5th friend in this book, The language is very easy to understand and you get connected with all the characters. Literally could connect with the chapters, because we all have lived this during our college days. Must read this one, loved how the author brings freshness in each chapter with very easy language..”

- Shubh Chaudhary

”This story is something rooted in reality, as it can happen to any of us. Such life altering moments, incidences keep on happening to us every once in a while, but we usually fail to reflect at it and allow it to transform us for good. Friendship is more than hanging around and partying or doing things together. True friends do help us learn or achieve something we cant do on our own. We need that support system. Probably this story is a true reflection of something we fail to pause and embrace.”

- Priyansh Rai