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Normalizing Conversations About Mental Well-Being in real estate. is the brainchild of real estate agent Kartikay Shastri, created as a way to give back. Mind-Ful.Me is a holistic approach aimed at enabling agents to become stress-free, more mindful, and achieve total well-being, thereby concluding more sales and creating a more congenial real estate environment.

At, Kartikay focuses on the most vital elements of an agent's life, such as:

- Agent mental well-being

- Agents' psychological relationship with money and wealth

- Agents' relationships, both at the workplace and at home.

By combining these aspects, he has curated a tailored workshop that will help agents feel more grounded and empowered from within.

Muktidham A story of silence amidst suffering

"Hari, a village sanitation worker, is willing to go to any lengths to provide for his family's needs. However, when his wife, Premila, becomes a victim of physical abuse, will Hari be able to save her from the trauma that ensues?"

A Hindi Novella published in December 2023 available on all the online platforms.

The Night Out: 4 Friends, 6 Places, and 1 Long Night

Published in June, 2022, The Night Out is winning hearts online. As a self-published Author Kartikay's novel has witnessed 20+ Five Star Reviews on Amazon and hundreds of copies sold.

"The Night Out" unfolds the tale of four friends uniting on a Saturday evening to break free from their monotonous routines and find solace. Little do they realize that the night has something unexpected in store for them. Unaware of what lies ahead, Rishi, Ashish, Ansh, and Karan set off on an unforeseen nocturnal adventure."

Grab your copy today and embark on a thrilling journey of a night out.

In 2017, I started working on a story about four friends, in June, 2022 that story took shape of a paperback. I went on to publish my second book in November 2023, Muktidham (Hindi).

I'm Kartikay Shastri, the face behind this blog. Originally from Sagar, India, I now live in Dubai, U.A.E with my wife. I have a passion for reading, running, writing, and exploring our inner selves. I'm currently writing my third book, which is a collection of essasys. Through my experiments and mistakes, I learn something new every day. Join me as I share the wisdom gained from these experiences.

In May 2024, I embarked on a journey in my professional career to bring change to the real estate industry I serve, aiming to enhance the mental well-being of agents. Therefore, I created an open platform,

I continue to share the learnings I’ve gathered throughout my life through my books, essays, newsletters, and workshops.

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For a long period of time, I read, traveled, explored, researched, and experimented with a wide variety of topics in my life, mostly related to mindfulness, spirituality, philosophy, personal development, and basically everything that makes us want to live, whether it is art, books, or dancing. Therefore, when two books weren't sufficient for me to explore my works, I started this.

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