31 March 2024: A fact, a quote, and getting naked.

3/31/20241 min read

A fact:

Your close friend is your pillar of mental health. Read that again.

A quote on friendship:

Fortunate is a man if he has found his alter-ego, his own mirroring-self, and his best friend in a lifetime; for he is sure to revel in his heart which will lead him to self-discovery.

Get Naked:

This is an experiment I have conducted numerous times with many of my close friends. It is quite an experience. It has the potential to shake both your friendship and you as an individual, revealing a lot about who your true friends are.


I believe everyone should have at least one person in their life with whom they can be completely vulnerable, where they cannot lie to themselves or to that person.


When you next meet your best friend, and you find yourselves in the right place with time to spare, dare to be fully vulnerable. Open your heart completely. It may be challenging, but if you truly trust this person to be your best friend, then don't hold back. I call this act of complete honesty 'getting naked'.