28 January 2024: The next time you visit a jungle, a quote, and a few valuable tips for happier life

1/28/20241 min read

The next time you have the opportunity to visit the jungle, please remember this:

When you go into woods, come back like you’ve never been there. Don’t disturb the freshness of the jungle. When you go into the woods shed all your being behind, walk and move as if you’re not there. Let the jungle be. Let the fresh air rejuvenate your being. Let it’s silence take away all your incessant thoughts. Become empty. Become one with it and then you will know something of a great value that you have never known before.

A quote from me:

You don’t need a therapist, you just need your best friend, a cup of coffee, and a long uninterrupted one way conversation where the other listens to your with open heart and utmost vulnerability.

Few tips for happier life:

Go out for a walk.

Break the chain.

Contest your ego on a daily basis.

Do one thing everyday that scares you.