28 April 2024: On dealing with troublesome people

4/28/20241 min read

In all parts of our life we find difficult people. They are always lingering around. Some bad and some evil. It often gets challenging to deal with these people and the more you are around them the more energy you lose.

Fact is, they cannot be avoided. Truth is, you can build resilience and patience by being in their presence. Arduous as it may sound, if looked at this way, these people give you a great opportunity to fortify yourself. Easygoing people, on the other hand, only massage your ego and existence, but difficult people give you opportunities to rise above your ordinary existence.

It's all in your eyes how you choose to see it: either make them foes and resist endlessly, or turn them into a folly and change your world.

A quote:

"“The world is a stage and the play is badly cast.”

― Oscar Wilde


While nice people allow you to be stupid, friendly, and easygoing, difficult people come with a tag that says 'Beware.' As much as you need easygoing people in life, you need the others too to balance the equation. Therefore, the next time you come into contact with difficult people, be fully aware. Do not resist them; instead, be vulnerable in their presence. The more you let go, the more your inner strength grows. So, wear your 'Beware' badge as soon as you're close to them.