26 May 2024: Experience is everything.

5/26/20241 min read

Do you value your valuables, such as your home, bonds, gold, and luxurious goods, more than you need to? Whatever you may think, it is time to reflect and ponder again.

I recently went to a meditation resort in India, which I initially deemed expensive. However, once I got settled in, started to feel the vibe, and found the meditation wholesome, the person who thought it was expensive didn't think about it the same way anymore.

What changed?

Nothing crazy.

What happened?


It’s not a big deal to realize, but it is essential in our lives. Experience matters over everything.

Any place is just a place until you experience it, any cuisine is just another food until you taste it, and any movie is just another movie until you watch it.

We are humans, and we change with experience. Those open to change are also open to experience, while those wary of change are also wary of life, for life is about experiencing, and with experience, your perspective on the world changes.

Therefore, invest in experience. Don’t be shy to dance on Dance Dance Revolution at that arcade you just saw. Don’t hold back your feelings and sing a song on karaoke night, even if you think your voice isn't great. Whatever the outcome may be, experiencing something is of the highest importance

Experience one good thing this week, whatever gives you a kick. Go try it.