25 February 2024: What I'm listening, escaping excusitis, what scares you, and a note.

2/25/20241 min read

This week is all about mindset.

What I’m listening to and what has changed my mindset in a radical way:

David Goggins: How to Build Immense Inner Strength

Don’t escape life, escape excusitis:

After exploring David Goggins this week, I have a firm belief that we all are moaning about work more than we are actually doing it, is that we are not giving our 100% let alone best efforts, is that we suffer from excusitis.

Excusitis simply means we are give enormous excuses to the point it feels like a mania.

Become a creator today, live your best work today, make that craft today, no matter how boring your job give it your best shot today. Whatever you do on your daily basis becomes your mindset. Take massive action and I highly recommed listening to this podcast while commute or instead of watching a three hours movie. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Enter life, exit excusitis today!

Do what makes your scared today:

Have you been delaying something you've wanted to do for a long time? Have you been deliberately sabotaging your own success, even when you know what's right for you?

If the answer is yes, then wake up and do that scariest thing you are avoiding today. Take massive action and run up the hill. I can assure you that reaching the peak will provide you with the realization you desperately need in life.

A note:

Doing hard things is not about ego. It’s not about showing that you can move mountains, but rather about confronting your own demons that are worth fighting for. The demons inside you hinder your growth by preventing you from taking necessary actions. The day you start doing what you hate but is necessary, you break a layer of comfort zoneThe day you become consistent about this, it's no longer about hate or love; it's simply a matter of doing. Not for your own benefit, nor for anyone else, but for the sake of that particular work. Forget all the boundaries, forget your limitations, escape excusitis, and do the work you need to do, today!