21 April 2024: On The Art of Surrendering

4/21/20241 min read

Learn the art of surrendering. This is perhaps the most important art of all. We've been taught not to bend in front of anyone, labeled as cowardly if we don't fight back, and instructed to never give up. While many would agree with these sentiments, I concur as well. However, true intelligence lies in knowing when to surrender and when to persist. Courage isn't solely found in always standing your ground; it's also found in recognizing that surrendering to something greater than yourself requires even more courage than continuously fighting against it.

A quote:

"Surrender is not a weakness; it is strength. It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme—to the cosmic unfolding."

― Osho

A step towards surrender:

Discover what is greater than yourself in your life. There can be many things. For example: your teacher, parents, a situation, or a relationship.

Once you have found it then practice resilience and compassion with this force. Be in complete let go and bow in respect not in anger.

A litmus test for your surrender would be an ease in your heart.