19 November 2023: A question, Thoreau on Walking, and memento Mori

11/19/20231 min read

A question I asked myself to keep my family trip peaceful:

Should I ruin this trip for my own reasons, or should I be thankful and go along with what my family wants?

Thoreau on Walking:

“If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again—if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man—then you are ready for a walk.”

— Henry David Thoreau

Memento Mori:

Recently, I've been thinking about living life as an adventurer, taking risks and pushing against my own doubts. And remembering death certainly strikes you harded than anything else in this world. So, try this little experiment. Start your tomorrow as if there’s no tomorrow and be mindful of death; the ultimate thief of your physical being. Goal here is to do something that you’ve always wanted yet doubt and disbelief robbed you of your passion. Take a step. Shake a root. Pluck that dead germ. Start anew.