19 May 2024: Can you help spread the word?

5/19/20241 min read

I have a full-time job, and it's kind of stressful. When I'm not working, I'm writing in the early hours. When I'm not doing either, I'm reading and exploring.

I’m also running this newsletter for you guys. Genuinely creating handpicked content for you to read and be more knowledgeable, explore new things, and finding joy within.

But why am I doing all this?

Because I simply believe in giving back. That has been my philosophy of life ever since I was young, perhaps a trait from my family or the culture I was raised in.

I spend hours choosing content for these newsletters I send you, and they take effort, time, energy, and a bit of money from my pocket without ever asking you for anything in return. But today, I do.

So, can you do a favor for me?

Can you please spread the word about this newsletter to your close ones?

Just copy and paste it to your socials or forwad this email to your friends and close one.

The Sunny Sunday Newsletter

Thank you so much in advance.