18 February 2024: A story, about love & time, an advice, and a meditation.

2/18/20241 min read

A story about love

One fine day society and love were walking down the street. As soon as society saw love she got scared. She instantly withdrew herself behind the tree and got afraid of love's freedom; How can someone be so free? So ecstatic? Flying without wings?

Within a minute she was trembling looking towards love and a moment came where she lost herself and got behind love's back and strangled love to death. There is still a cemetery on that same path with an epitaph: "Free bird killed by a caged prisoner."

Love and time:

You only know you love something when time disappears. Totally dissolves when you’re with him or when you’re working that best art of yours. When the next brush, when the next thing you talk about becomes the axis of the whole universe; you know you’ve found it.

The only advice you need on love:

The only relationship advice you ever need is to never pretend to be what you are not. Period.

Can you watch your breath?

Try this little practice. Can you watch your breath this whole week, from time to time, of course? But can you be sincere about it? Try it. Breathe from your stomach and pay as much attention to the phenomenon as you possibly can.