17 March 2024: A quote, knowing yourself, on great ones, and an affirmation

3/17/20241 min read

A quote on self-awareness:

“The depth of knowing the other comes from the depth of knowing yourself.”

On finding yourself:

Know your vibe, know your circle, and follow your heart. Spending too much time in a toxic company will make you forget your real self.

On greatest creators:

The truth is that the truly great ones never cared what others had to say. Van Gogh had to paint no matter if he’d eat or not. Da Vinci had to dissect dead bodies to learn anatomy. Just wonder how big of a loss it’d be if one of them had paid attention to society.

An affirmation for your to repeat this week:

“I’m reaching that state of self-mastery where I am totally calm and compassionate amidst a storm.”