14 April 2024: On mistakes and regrets

4/14/20241 min read

Show me a man without regrets and I will show you a person who has never lived. To live is to make mistakes, to live is to go wrong so many times you lose the very count of it. A fully grown man, a life fully lived life cannot be without regrets.

I have said this hundreds of times and I will keep saying it a thousand times more; regrets are an essential part of life. They only show you have been acting out of your heart. Following your mind leads to planning and moving strategically leaving less chances of mistakes. Adding only guilt in your heart. Don’t quit on your heart.

There is nothing wrong with having regrets and making mistakes. The world's first modern man, Leonardo Da Vinci, died on his deathbed saying he couldn't finish what he should have. If that man can say that after making a contribution that would be called the Renaissance period, then I don’t know who will die without regrets.

A quote:

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

A Challenge:

Write down a list of your regrets you have and mistakes you made. Now, read them aloud. Then ask, can I forgive myself?

This may not change your past but it will certainly help you move on in your life with joy rather than a thorn in your heart.