10 March 2024: A cold truth, a question, and a meditation for couples

3/10/20241 min read

A cold truth about digital age:

We are living in the age of digital slavery, there's no physical slavery anymore. No one ruling us but we had to create something, some form of addiction that would keep us from facing reality. We are ready to sell ourselves for literally anything; money, women, car or even a cigarette.

A question to ask yourself today:

Is it really possible for me to just work without asking for fruits?

A meditation for couples:

Every couple should practice this: I believe that in every relationship there must be a dedicated time for throwing your garbage off. This means you come along intentionally and purposely to say things which does not make any sense yet they are living inside your heads rent-free. This not only allows your chest to be less burdened but gives you a certain clarity; it makes you understand that not everything your mind says or suggests is true.