07 April 2024: My advise to couples.

4/7/20241 min read

Remain honest in the face of darkest times,

If you miss that opportunity, there will always be a time to spit it out,

Don’t miss second time.

Keep distance from your partner from time to time,

Let them breathe, let them be as they are,

Or just leave them for while on their own,

Don’t make a habit out of each other,

Let their be some genuinity.

Meditate, if you can.

Sit down from time to time or go crazy for an hour blindfolded in a dark room forgetting who you both are and then lie down like a dead body in absolute aloneness.

Try, whatever mechanisms that work with both of you and let yourself be absorbed by the unknown.

The stars, the flowers, the sun, the moon, the earth, the air, the water, the fire, and all the elements would be grateful for that act of yours, trust me, they will.