05 November 2023: On value of reading, Journaling tips, and a question

11/5/20231 min read

On value of reading

“You should not be afraid of someone who has a library and reads many books; you should fear someone who has only one book; and he considers it sacred, but he has never read it”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you journal?

Needless to say what journaling is, but the question is whether you have tried it or not?

No worries, if you’ve tried or not. Here are few ways how journaling can help you:

- When stressed: Write down what you are stressing about. Write in bullet points. Be robust and keep it unfiltered.

- When visualizing: Relax with this one. Write with as much detail as you can. Music helps. Be imaginative.

- Affirmations: Let them resemble what you want to attract. Be very clear with these ones for they become your thoughts and thoughts ultimately become your reality.

- Special moments: I personally love these ones. There are so many beautiful events taking place in our lives everyday but there are few that just stand out and they need to be pinned on the paper not only in your memories. Only advice I would give here is to be kind with yourself and write even those things that are far too personal.

One question from me

Are you enjoying these bits I’m sending you? Write back with what you think.