05 May 2024: On change

5/5/20241 min read

The hard-hitting fact of reality is that everything around you and inside you is changing every second. The river has flowed gallons of water down to the sea. Your body, voice, mind, and relationships have all changed.

The universe will continue to expand even as you finish reading this. You are not the same person you were before you read this.

Therefore, embrace change, embrace the inevitable, and embrace uncertainty.

A quote:

"The only constant in life is change"-

― Heraclitus

Experience the change within:

This week, take a few minutes to half an hour to sit down with yourself. Calm yourself and, if possible, close your eyes. Now, go back to your own birth cycle—the day you were born. Of course, you don't remember it, but you can easily imagine. Watch your whole cycle from baby to child, from child to teenager, and from teenager to adulthood. Observe the changes over the years. When you reach your present age, express gratitude. Rub your hands together and slowly open your eyes.