04 February 2024: On uphill battles, A thought on energy, and a meditation.

2/4/20241 min read

Downhill has always been easier; uphill always difficult

Majority loves whatever is easier. You don’t like her, call her bitch, easy!

Food tastes awful at a restaurant, yell at the waiter, easy!

We love taking the easier road.

We love criticizing others as if it were a piece of cake.

But the strength lies in taking down the difficult road,

To hold your breath before you go fuming,

To approach things with kindness.

The fact is you can create a scene showing anger to your wife/girl in public but it takes real courage to show love and hold her hand when things are not working between the two.

A thought about energy:

I keep telling myself and everyone I meet that energies don’t lie. Anyone can lie about who they are and all the worldly things they do but energy is one thing you cannot hide. You are literally exposed to this world with the kind of energy you carry.

Meditation for the week:

Let’s live this week in complete letting go. Let’s try not to force our will on others, nor on ourselves. Let situations, people, desires, thoughts, and everything come and go as they are. As arduous as it may be, if you try to let go of a few things each day, you will feel lighter than yesterday. So, this week: Let go.