03 March 2024: My first podcast ever, on adulting, and howdy meditation

3/3/20241 min read

Check out my first podcast ever:

I’ve recently been to this Podcast with Himanshu Rai, renowned and bestselling author of 8 books. Together we explored various themes of HIndi writing and my new book “Muktidham”. Click on the thumbnail and check it out.

Cold truth about adulting:

Once you are an adult you don’t expect great gifts, you don’t look forward to a bunch of surprises thrown at you; all you wait for is your friends to show up, to get together, and to laugh again like a two-year old.

Howdy meditation:

We often forget the role of our body in day to day lives. We forget the simplest treasures it behold for us. So, this week, sit down with yourself and close your eyes for at least ten minutes and run a check on you body. Scan it from top to bottom. Check how’s your mind, your heart, say thanks, have a conversation if you like but befriend your body, it never asks but it needs just tiny attention from time to time and wonders can happen. Go on now and do it.