03 December 2023: BUY NOW - Muktidham A story of silence amidst suffering

12/3/20231 min read

Muktidham - A tale of silence amidst suffering

"Hari, a village sanitation worker, is willing to go to any lengths to provide for his family's needs. However, when his wife, Premila, becomes a victim of physical abuse, will Hari be able to save her from the trauma that ensues?"

"In the heart of a Indian village, 'Muktidham' weaves a tale of love, loss, and societal fractures. Hari, a resilient laborer, confronts discrimination, poverty, and an ailing son, while Premila, his wife, bears the weight of her own struggles. As tragedy strikes, Hari's desperate attempts to navigate a broken system unravel against a backdrop of relentless hardship.

Premila's journey takes a harrowing turn, exposing the callous indifference of the world around her. In the face of tragedy, Hari's attempts to seek help plunge him into a nightmarish reality, revealing the deep-rooted prejudices that permeate society.

The story crescendos at the cremation grounds, where societal divisions manifest in a brutal climax. 'Muktidham' delves into the shadows of human endurance, laying bare the profound impact of discrimination and societal apathy on the lives of those already burdened by adversity."